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With a Mediterranean chic ambience with discreet luxury, this oasis of tranquility whisks you away to another world. Bustling with a sophisticated vibe, our restaurant offers a fine dining experience with a mouthwatering menu that highlights an eclectic mix of the freshest local ingredients seasoned with regional flavors.

Where delicious cuisine is served in a spectacular setting, the lavish dining area make for an immersive culinary experience day or night. From seasonally inspired menus to gastronomic experiences that will satisfy any craving, see what our chefs are preparing just for you.

Come indulge yourself within its magic.


Get lost in a daydream of sunny days by the pool sipping your favorite cocktail. Join us and enjoy a cold beverage and warm sunshine.

There’s no better place to be than the laid-back Pool Bar of Celestial All Suites. Enjoy delicious light snacks and inspired drinks as you immerse yourself in breathtaking setting.

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